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Pragmatic Triathlon Coaching For Busy People

At Phazon Triathlon we want you to achieve high performance in all areas of your life through triathlon.


Work closely with your personal coach who will guid you a performance programme based around your lifestyle from the ground up.

Phazon Performance Program

Our budget friendly offering which customises a training plan around you, your experience and your goals.


At Phazon Triathlon our objective is simple, we want everyone to go further and faster while maintaining a love for the sport. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive package, coached program, nutrition coaching, strength and conditioning or just a consultation, we can make you a more informed, better rounded athlete.

Proven Results

We have helped hundreds of athletes just like you complete their first triathlon, earn the title of Ironman or qualify for world championship events.

No minimum standards

Whether you’re an experienced Ironman competitor or brand new to the sport, we have the experience and tools to help you succeed.

Pragmatic Coaching

You’re not a full time athlete, so we don’t expect you to train like one. We build our plans around your work commitments and home life.

Holistic Approach

We’re about much more than battering athletes with hard workouts. We also work to improve your diet, strength levels, sleep quality and daily energy.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

I can safely say I would not have finished Ironman Bolton 2021, nor got a time I’m proud of without the support of Simon. He helped provide a tailored training plan that suited me and my schedule. He was the first trainer I had who read my feedback and reacted accordingly, adjusting planned workouts, and offering advice.
Alexander de Kare-Silver


Discover our bespoke packages designed to help maximise results while maintaining balance in other areas of your life. Get full support and achieve more than you thought possible.

Plan Only


Plan delivered as a single product

Individual targets for each workout

Built around your work, family and social commitments

Support Provided For Major Issues (illness, injury, e.t.c)

Training Tailored Around Your Event(s)

Daily Contact


Data analysis and feedback after every workout

Plans delivered weekly

Nutrition support

Individualised strength and conditioning workouts

Access to your coach seven days a week

Monthly Contact


Plan delivered on a monthly basis

Built around your schedule and progress

Analysis of the last four weeks of training

Get answers to all your triathlon questions

Optional strength and conditioning sessions

Train smarter, not harder

Anyone can set a series of brutal workouts, we want to optimise your results through achievable programming, mobility, nutrition, mindset and strength.


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